Live Your Life From A Place of Love


Hello, my dears.

I have had quite the past week.  One might call it transformational, but only time will be able to tell on that.

I’ve many things I’d like to share with you (and will, in time!), but have learned that the simplest lesson is, in fact, the most important:

Live all of your life from a place of love.

When I booked my trip to Portland for Write Yourself into Motion, I intended it to be something that was done solely for ME.

Solo travel. An investment. Skill-building. Networking.  It was all very internally focused.

Purchasing my ticket and booking my travel accommodations felt liberating, exhilarating and quite honestly, powerfully welcome in my life.

Over the course of this weekend, after interacting with an array of interesting, dynamic, passionate women while learning a HUGE amount about communication, one lesson stood out from them all:

Live all of your life from a place of love.

Love for yourself. Love for the people around you (both strangers and friends). And lastly, love for the journey.

I’m energized by the potential for what I will create by applying what I learned this weekend and changing my approach to creativity and positivity.

But most of all, I’m excited to embrace the shift in my life from simply making it through the days to making every interaction an opportunity to unload a little bit of love into the world.

Because love is really all we need.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to each and every one of the people I met this weekend, for those that encouraged me to do this for myself, sent texts to wish me a wonderful weekend, and to all of you that read along and make blogging such a soul-enriching hobby. You have all my love.

xo, Erika

13 thoughts on “Live Your Life From A Place of Love”

  1. It sounds like this was such a beautiful experience – and I can really relate having just went on my own solo trip, and meeting an incredible group of people that really opened my eyes to an entirely new world.
    Something has definitely shifted in you, Erika! I can see it in your words.

  2. I’m so glad you had such a great experience. What a great lesson to learn to remind us all that that is how we should truly live.

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