April: In Retrospect

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Hey there friends. Time to recap yet another month. Month numero quatro for 2014. Again, wheredoestimego!? Srsly.

April was an interesting month. I dealt with some kind of new anxiety issues that threw me off my game for a few days but has since led me to really get focused on fitness again, which is GREAT.

If there’s one thing I learned in April it’s this:

Taking care of yourself isn’t optional.

During the second week of April I wrote in my Desire Map planner: “A beautiful soul needs a sturdy vessel.”

It was a reminder that needs to be kept front and center for me. I cannot forget it this summer. Putting myself first means not allowing myself to get lazy and not exercise. Or to eat out for every meal (my poor, poor wallet and waistline). Or to not take the time to be alone and reflect on things. I know I occasionally mention fitness on this blog, but know that it is literally a daily struggle for me. I know it’s a learning process, but uh, I guess I’m a slow learner? #workingonit


Personal Highlights This Month

  • Hosted my lovely family in St. Louis for Easter
  • Journeyed to Des Moines for Drake Relays
  • Learned a few lessons in vulnerability and self-care
  • Got back into spinning and started tracking my movement with my new FitBit (so far, LOVE).

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How did April treat you? 


  • Love. That is all. So much love!

  • Brianna Soloski says:

    April was pretty good to me and May is being even nicer. School is finished, minus one final tomorrow and I’ve got big, fun plans for my free time.

    • YAY! Fun plans are the best! Man, I miss having a school schedule. Long breaks were the best perk.

  • esther julee says:

    Same here! never gets easier and i never get that runners high people talk about. 🙂

  • Erika says:

    On the “taking care of yourself isn’t optional” thing… I feel like I keep having to learn that lesson the hard way… and getting sick really showed me how letting those healthy habits slip (no matter the reason) has a cost! Anyway, looks like you had a great month, Erika! 🙂

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