Collections, Vol. 1


You ever feel yourself walking through life, wishing you could collect the little things that make you smile, put ’em in a box and rifle through them when you have a down moment?

Like collecting coins. Or Beanie Babies. Or Christmas ornaments.

I’ve never been much of a collector. As a child, I had a pretty awesome collection of music boxes that I received as gifts from my Godparents. Every time I hear the song “My Favorite Things,” I think of it in that tinkling, beautiful music-box sound. It makes for a sweet memory.

Since then, the only thing I seem interested in collecting and keeping for a later day are thoughts. Soothing blog posts. Heartwarming quotes. Beautiful photos. Tiny moments of MY day.

Collections is a new series that will be popping up from time to time (probably once a month, maybe twice, who knows) in which I share moments, thoughts, words and stories that I have wanted to collect and save for a later day.

These Are the Moments

Collections, Vol. 1

  • I’m settling into new roles and responsibilities at work after hiring an employee and getting a promotion! Ah, it’s crazy. Exhilarating. Interesting. I’ve found that I love teaching more than I expected. Hmmm…
  • It’s been a snowy few days here in St. Louis and my word, y’all. We are not equipped for this weather down here. My northern roots are showing and lemme tell you, they are not impressed.
  • Aside from the snow removal woes though, I have lots of love for St. Louis this week, many thanks to some love from my neighborhood on Facebook (they shared this post & it’s been so fun connecting w/ other CWE-ers!)
  • Ashley and I sat down and talked about how we wanted to get back to eating healthier and ever since, she’s been a bonafide five-star chef in the kitchen. Trying new recipes has been so fun – there’s no temptation to eat out because eating in is SO much better.
  • I’m obsessed with The Mindy Project. Obsessed. I just re-watched Tuesday’s episode. For real. Danny Castellano, you dreamy man.
  • Also, The Bachelor is back! (though I doubt Juan Pablo tops my all-time fave Sean…)

These Are the Thoughts

A Beautiful Live

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These Are the Words

  • Alex, being the genie that she is, wrote scripts for sending saucy (but classy) messages to your lover. My number one thought? Man, this chick is so authentic & real online. I love that about her. Click, click. Disclaimer: might make you blush 😉
  • There were literally hundreds of new year-themed posts to choose from, but for some reason, this simple one by Jeff Goins resonated with me. “Say Yes” and “Pick Something” – It’s simple, really.
  • Alicia announced a series to celebrate and love our bodies. I’m diggin’ it. You can see the announcement here – be sure to watch it develop every Monday!

These Are the Sounds

Obsessed with Skinny Love performed by Birdy lately. No idea why, but my recent Ellie Goulding obsession might have something to do with it.

These Are the Dreams

This week, I figured something out: I feel the most alive when I’m doing something to help someone else realize their potential. Teaching, inspiring, encouraging. That’s what is making me feel the most me. So now, I’m dreaming up ways to chase down this feeling more and more.

These Are the Questions

My newfound recent management role (ish… I mean, it’s one person… lol) is making me wonder… what is one quality you have loved the most in a boss (current or former)? What kind of environment do you need to do your best work? Help me out, yo! 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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  • carly says:

    Qualities in a boss…flexibility and communication are huge! But I think the biggest thing is being ethical, which sounds like it should be a no brainer but I definitely have not always found that to be the case!

    I can’t stop listening to that song now– so beautiful!

    • You’re so right about the ethical thing – I’ve definitely had bosses that don’t call into that category either! 🙂

  • Love this new series! In terms of what you love in a boss: communication communication communication. But also, positivity makes a huge difference. My former boss loved coming into work and always found ways to tell the staff when they had done a good job (and was very respective/positive when giving feedback about things that we hadn’t excelled on.) It was a great quality to have in a boss.

    • Yes. Yessss. This is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for – especially the part about loving to come to work – now that I think about it, that really does make a difference for me as an employee too. I’m going to really consciously approach each day with positivity and excitement – hopefully it’ll be contagious. Thanks Kara!

  • Emily P says:

    For me, a great boss is a great communicator and manager. I’ve found that some people are just not naturally good at managing people—they might be in positions of leadership but they really don’t get how to really motivate and resonate with the people they’re leading. With that in mind, I think that person-to-person feedback is key (not simply through email) and conscious praise every once and a while.

    • Yes! All awesome ideas. I think motivation & praise really go a long way with me too. So both my boss and my new employee are men. I always wonder if they’re looking for the same type of motivation as women do (face-to-face feedback, verbal praise & motivation)… I hope sure hope so! Any experience with that?

      • Emily P says:

        Actually, I don’t really know when it comes to men, but I can imagine that face-to-face feedback is always a good thing. I’ve had male bosses, but never a male intern, actually.

  • Will you think I’m a weirdo if I say that I’ve never watched The Mindy Project? I totally need to get into it!! Can I watch it online anywhere? I don’t think it’s made Netflix yet.

    Also, all of my bosses have been TERRIBLE! Except for when I taught at a dance studio, she was semi normal. So I can tell you what NOT to do, and that’s be an ass, lol. Most of my bosses always yelled at us – I think there is a fine line between having authority and being an arrogant ass, you know what I mean?

    • Can I just say how please I am that someone FINALLY said they had a terrible boss in response to this post? My boss now is real chill and great to work for but my first boss was quite literally the devil. SO thank you for acknowledging that sometimes, bosses SUCK.

      And you should watch the Mindy Project. Just skip to season 2 though because Season 1 wasn’t that great – the characters were awkward together. I think it’s online from Fox? Not sure though, we have some weird free on-demand thing on our TV and Mindy is one of the few shows on it. 🙂

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