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Good morning lovelies! Time for my most recent installment of bedroom decorating. My tiny little bedroom is almost complete with the recent addition of a fun new piece of do-it-yourself artwork:

diy-canvas-wall-art-2I bought two poster-sized canvasses from Michael’s for under $15 in November when they were on sale and seriously wracked my brain to come up with an idea for months. Then, one day not too long ago I came across a pin on Pinterest  that caught my attention. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the specific post to follow the directions so I just “figured it out.” I later combed through It’s Doable, the blog it was pinned from, view her post here.

To create this piece of DIY Canvas Wall Art, all you’ll need is a poster-sized canvas, a bottle of acrylic paint, foam paintbrushes (I got 14 for $1 at Michaels and used most of them), 4-5 pieces of  scrapbook paper, mod podge (you can used homemade or store-bought), some cardboard and a razor blade.

First, I put approximately three coats of acrylic paint on the canvas. The coats dried pretty quickly but it definitely took three coats (if not more) to cover the canvas completely. I used the entire bottle of paint I bought for the project.


Once the paint had dried (I left it over night), I made a stencil from a piece of cardboard for the petals using my new handy-dandy razor blade.

razor-bladeI am TERRIBLE at using scissors, so this razor blade was definitely necessary to get the petals close to the same size/shape. Plus I think it helped things go more quickly. Always a plus when you have my short attention span.

Once I got all of the petals cut out, I arranged them on the canvas in this flower pattern. For the scrapbook paper with script on it, I planned for the locations and cut them so that the script would all line up.

diy-canvas-art-modge-podgeOnce I had all of the petals arranged how I wanted them, I applied mod podge to the underside of each petal to glue it to the canvas. I think that there is probably a better way to do this – by putting the mod podge on the bottom of the leaves, some of the paper wrinkled a bit, which wasn’t ideal. If I were doing it again I might consider just putting a tiny bit of double-sided tape under them and only using the mod podge on top. This is where those 14 foam brushes really came in handy.

I chose the glossy finish mod podge for this project. It looks great in the sunlight in my room and I really like it. You could also use the matte mod podge if you don’t want the shiny look.  I think this project would also look great using fabric instead of paper. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to sew. I’ll leave that to my lovely mother.

My bedroom is close to complete! To read more about decorating it, check out my two older posts, here and here.


diy-canvas-wall-art-2I hope everyone’s having a great week so far!

2 thoughts on “DIY Canvas Wall Art”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! You have inspired me! Love the color combo that you used. Did you apply the Mod Podge over the top of the entire canvas? Or only the petals?

    Molly from

    1. Hi Molly! I’m glad you like it! I applied the mod podge all over the entire canvas. It actually took a couple of coats for all of the edges to lie down nicely. When you first brush on the mod podge, don’t worry if it looks like it’s ruining it — it dries clear. Let me know if you end up making one, I’d love to see it! :-)

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