Friday Fun-Day Finds

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Hello, my friends.

Ah, Friday afternoon. You’re finally here. And you’re looking fiiiiinnnnneeee. 😉 I’m en-route to a wedding back in Iowa right now. Day off, woot woot!

So a few weeks ago, one of my friends made a suggestion to do my link round-up posts on Friday afternoons because she’s always looking for fresh distractions at work on Friday afternoon.

UH, YEAH. Duh. What a great idea!

I’m always looking for reader feedback and well, the links will still be good on Saturday and Sunday for your surfing pleasure. So it was done. Link round-ups will now primarily go live on Friday afternoons (assuming I have my life together enough to compile them… so uh, don’t hold your breath).

Therefore, because I love alliterations, I present you with:

Friday Fun-Day Finds

St. Louisans! Lyft, a popular ride-sharing app that provides a safe, community-oriented alternative to stinky taxi cabs attempted to launch in our great city this past week. They were not very warmly received. Sign this petition to help them get established here and overcome political BS, please.

Ooooh, word origin. So interesting.  Thank you, Shakespeare for these 450 clutch phrases.

Lists about being a twenty-something have gotten a tiny bit overdone (sorry, you know that’s the truth though), but this one by Mark Manson was actually awesome. See #4: No One Actually Knows What the Hell They’re Doing. Noted.

Sometimes To-Do Lists cripple me. A cool, alternative way to GSD: The Art of the Done List.

I’m not usually down with someone telling me what kind of girl to be, but this list made me smile.

I should probably print this in multiple locations where I can see it daily and actually do the stuff it suggests: 5 Ways to Get Energized and Motivated When You Feel Lazy (erm, all the time?).

For awhile, I felt really guilty about the fact that I haven’t built homes for people in Third World countries in my lifetime. I know that sounds really silly. Anyway, this viewpoint looks critically at voluntourism and presents some really important things to think about:

Voluntourism presents an escape, a rare encounter with an authenticity sorely missed, hardship palpably and physically felt – for a small price.

Bloggas: Wanna grow? Don’t just “blog your passion.” Fully agree with everything in this post on The Great Content Hoax from the Blog Maven.

My word, this is comprehensive. Tools and Tips for Planning A Trip (pin this shit, for real.)

Eye candy for the ladies from Buzzfeed: Can You Make It Through This Post Without Your Ovaries Exploding? (answer: nope.)

I’m a big fan of HBO (but still too cheap to shell out the $$ for it. Womp.) Two things: Amazon Prime subscribers (me!) will soon be able to stream some of the shows on the popular network. Also, they just released some really great ads for HBO go. Hilarity.

Da fuq? Kids these days.

Also, an interesting feature on the real drug scene from The Atlantic: Your Friendly Neighborhood Drug Dealer.

Ladies. Lacking the confidence to make the first move? The consensus from this thread on Reddit is to DO IT.

It’s easy to shake off what you do and downsize it all in one breath. I’m totally with Alex on this one. Let’s not.

The biggest thing on my “to watch” list right now: American Blogger. This documentary has taken some serious heat all across the Internet, and while the trailer is admittedly extremely corny, I’m endlessly intrigued. I can’t wait to watch it and form my own opinions (maybe I’ll even share them!).

If you’ve seen it (or just seen the trailer) and have an opinion, sound off below! I’m interested to see what people think about it.

American Blogger – The First Journey Official Trailer from Chris Wiegand on Vimeo.

With that, I’m out! Have a great weekend, folks.


  • I have family in Iowa. Have fun at the wedding! It’s always nice to go there and slow down a bit. 🙂

  • Katie @ A Beautiful Little Adv says:

    I’m curios to hear your thoughts on American Blogger — I love reading the feedback.

    • I’ll probably post about it after I watch it! 😉

      • Mo says:

        Please do! I wanna hear what you think, too!

  • Grace says:

    I clicked on all of these links…you seriously find the best articles! I read them every week 🙂

  • Brianna Soloski says:

    So many good links. I’m definitely saving this post for later. I am so glad American Blogger is a thing.

    • Thanks Brianna! Would love to hear what you think of American Blogger!

  • Megan says:

    I dished out the $10 for American Blogger. I thought it was fabulous. Definitely corny, but still fabulous.

    • Oh awesome! Glad to hear that. I can’t wait to watch it – hopefully this week!

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