Happy Bits & Pieces

View More: http://deathtothestockphotollc.pass.us/dttspAh, Friday the 13th. Lovely.

Two things are making me smile particularly broadly today: 

  1. Ashley is officially graduating from nursing school this weekend. I could not be more proud of her. She dominated an accelerated program and honestly, made it look easy. She’s really something. Her future patients are lucky. And I’m lucky to have the family in town to celebrate this weekend.
  2. Speaking of my family, fun news: They’re moving back to the Quad Cities this summer – my “hometown” so-to-speak. They moved to Kansas City almost six years ago, after I graduated from high school. This summer, they’re headed back! Looks like I’ll be seeing more of my high school friends for future holidays!

Things are good around these parts. Things. Are. Good.

Now, a few things to make you all smile/waste a few moments stumbling around the web today and this weekend.

… A refreshing mind-shift: Our Negative Thoughts Are Not Unique.

By recognizing that the little voice that whispers doubtful thoughts is not personal – but rather just a part of everyone’s human experience – we can learn to take it less seriously. Less personally.

…Jess made me want to rock red lipstick, wear high heels and carry extra confetti in my purse with this one: Why You Need to Find Reasons to Throw Confetti.

…Therese went straight to the heart with another wonderful reminder: In This Very Moment, You Already Have Enough.

Because appreciating the inherent “enough-ness” of this very moment? Without fail, it breeds more of the very same.

…Just another amazing reason for me to love the Hunger Games abundantly: What Really Makes Katniss Stand Out? Her Movie Girlfriend, Peeta. (Hat tip to Alicia on this one)

…A beautifully written post that every blog reader really ought to read: I’ve Been Thinking About This.

I hope you know that this blog is a very edited, tiny sliver of my life. <–-this.

…The one e-course that completely changed how I look at online biz + copywriting is on sale this week. I can’t say enough good things about it, so grab it while it’s hot: Brandgasm 101.

And if those aren’t enough, the past few posts on All Things E & from my lovely sponsors: 

…The word ‘awkward’ is crippling our ability to socialize. My thoughts on the topic, here.

…The best gift you can give yourself this Christmas? The gift of your Christmas Presence. Alicia nailed it on her guest post, here.

…Chelsea paired my sponsor spotlight with SPIKED EGG NOG. Um, hello, perfect choice! See it here.

What are you up to this weekend? Join me in a BIG HUGE digital hug for Ashley!


  • http://betweendreamstheblog.blogspot.com/ Allie @ Between Dreams

    Thank you for sharing, I’ve officially found a wonderful way to kill time this morning ;)

    SENDING BIG HUGS TO ASHLEY! xo (And chocolate, because, chocolate.)

    • http://allthingseblog.com/ Erika Sevigny

      Yay! Hope you found a few posts you liked!

      And Ashley says thank you – you’re so sweet!

      And um, chocolate. Definitely a big part of this weekend. OF COURSE. :)

  • AshleyLich

    Ahhh this post is so exciting!!! Can we all plan a big reunion in Bettendorf this summer?? And give Ash a hug for me so proud of her and happy for her!!!

    • http://allthingseblog.com/ Erika Sevigny

      YESSSS that would be amazing!

  • John Lavelle

    So glad to hear that your family is moving back to the QCA. Looking forward to seeing you sometime this summer when you are up here for a visit. Congratulations to your sister.

    • http://allthingseblog.com/ Erika Sevigny

      Thanks coach! Definitely will see you this summer! :)