A Collection of Helpful Holiday Ideas


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Gooood morning loves.

Last night, I spent two hours baking a Pumpkin Pie (mom’s recipe, of course) and Cloud Salad (recipe coming ASAP) to bring to our Thanksgiving dinner at work today. It really got me in the mood to write a holiday post, so to my laptop I went, with visions of Thanksgiving gratitude, holiday gift guides and Christmas joy running through my head.

Then I  started hopping around to my favorite blogs and realized: hundreds of helpful holiday posts have already been written! So, to solve your holiday dilemmas, fuel your spirit, quench your thirst (or hunger) for holiday tastes, and to get you totally in the mood for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I’ve compiled a list of helpful holiday posts from across the web.

Survival Guides for Interacting w/ Others This Thanksgiving

I personally am SO FAR BEYOND excited to see my family – it’ll just be the five of us plus the doggy this year, so I’m anticipating lots of laughter, football and ease. For those with a more complicated time ahead, navigate with these helpful posts:

Last-Minute Recipes to Fill Your Table

I’m hoping by this point you have already done your grocery shopping… but if you’re looking for one new dish to grace your Thanksgiving table this year, maybe you’ll find one here:

Simple Styles to Fashion Your Feast

Sometimes sweatpants just won’t cut it for your holiday feast. Luckily, these ladies shine the light on how to be comfy & cute (while leaving plenty of room to indulge) on Thanksgiving:

Helpful Hints to Jumpstart Your Christmas Shopping

If you’re one of those go-getters who get started on shopping right after turkey time, you might need a few ideas. These ladies have done the research for you, wham-bam-thank-you-mam.

And Last But Not Least, Help for Staying Fit & Trim Through The Season

The sweets parade has surely begun. I know I’ll be getting “water drunk” (thanks, Nicole!) and putting in my workouts with Kourtney to stay somewhat on track. A few other ideas for you:

How are you celebrating Thanksgiving? Sending my love to you & yours! 

  • http://jaybirdblog.com/ Alicia | Jaybird Blog

    Great links! 25 Days of Fitness is one I could definitely use this season; I love that it combines physical tasks with mental/emotional activities like writing a note to a loved one.

    I also really enjoyed this post from Rachel on flipping the “survive the holidays” mindset: http://www.tossingthescript.com/2013/11/re-thinking-holiday-survival.html

    • http://allthingseblog.com/ Erika Sevigny

      Thanks for sharing the link to Rachel’s post! It’s definitely refreshing to see a positive perspective on everything!