Saturday Web Surfing

Well hello, friends. Long time, no talk. I can’t really be sure where this past week went, but I know for sure I didn’t spend much time hanging around these parts. That shall change next week as I’m spending today (Saturday) cooking up bunches of new stuff. Woot, woot.

Luckily, despite my lack of ability to create new things for the Internet, countless others have done so, and done WELL. So, for your Saturday (or Sunday) morning reading, I present you with Saturday Web Surfing:

Let’s jump right to the chase: I’ve been doing a bit of online dating these past two months. This article is precisely what I’d write if I were to share about the experience. Particularly #10.

I found this to be quite witty and accurate. Sadly, #6 resonates with me. As does… well. All of them. 25 Drinks and What They Should Actually Be Called.

Why IS everyone getting naked? Rashida, I agree. Loved this piece by Rashida Jones on the pornification of everything.

On Wednesday, I was riding the emotional roller coaster from hell all morning long for no real reason. Then I started watching this interview of one of my FAVORITE people, Brene Brown, and all was well in my world. Quite the turning point, I tell ya. Watch it on YouTube, here.

If I had to name one thing I struggle with the most in life, it’s probably self-discipline. This week I learned the elegant secret to it.

I just can’t get enough of blog posts like this one by Nicole on playing small. An important reminder:

No matter what, you’re already good enough. Right now, exactly as you are. You are enough.

A well-written, pointed reminder for you ladies (and a seriously irritating commercial): Your Femininity Is Not Defined By Body Hair.

Kenzie wrote a letter to new bloggers that made my heart full with blogging love. It’s perfect. Even if you’re not so ‘new’ anymore.

Something to do this weekend: Spring Cleaning for the Messy Heart. 

And with that, I’m off to attend to very Saturday-like things. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  • saraspunza says:

    You have packed this post with so many great links! Alas, my reading list just exploded! Thanks for the insights though. Have a great weekend!

  • Al says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I LOVED the new blogger post as well as the body hair post! Good stuff!


  • somecallmecj says:

    I loved the letter to a new blogger!! It also lead me to some other great reads!! I totally understand not being around for a while as life tends to get ahead of us!

  • Ashley says:

    I loved Delightfully Tacky’s piece on body hair!

  • Jen McLaughlin says:

    Hi Erika! I just discovered your blog and I love it! Following on bloglovin now 🙂

    We have similar tastes in books, thanks for sharing all of your recommendations!

    xo, jen

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