5 Affirmations to Encourage You To Unleash Your Creative Spirit

It’s easy to feel like you’re stuck.

Stuck in your routine, stuck in your job, stuck in the same bars every weekend and watching the same TV show re-runs every night.

Stuck watching other people and thinking, “I could do that,” then promptly returning to mindlessly re-pinning photos of pumpkin pies on Pinterest.

Stuck wondering why something is missing from your life even though you’ve landed a stable job, you’re paying most of your bills on time, you’ve found a handful of good people to spend your time with and you’re pretty much doing “what you were supposed to do.”

Much of the time, we don’t even realize when we’re stuck until we find ourselves slapped in the face by someone who is undoubtably not stuck.

Someone that’s putting themselves out there often and doing it well.
Someone that’s turning their thoughts and dreams into something tangible and unique.
Someone that dares to share more than most, but does so artfully and insightfully.
Someone that seems to constantly be creating new realities for themselves.

When I created All Things E, I was DEEP in “stuck” mode.  I was spending hours envying other people on the internet (ahem, those people that were doing all the things I listed above) and wallowing in the fact that post-grad life just wan’t as great as undergrad life.

So I started doing this whole blogging thing. And you know what? I felt less stuck. Really quickly.

Yes, I know. This is but a little blog on the internet. There are thousands like it, and there will be thousands more like it in the future.

BUT here’s the thing: This blog, simply through the act of creating it, gave me the confidence to dream a LOT bigger and to embrace uncertainty, fear and vulnerability in my life.

Plus, simply the thought that what I have written may have inspired someone to dream a little bigger, to try something new, to explore a new place, or to embrace the idea they’ve been carrying around in the back of their mind but have been too afraid to unleash into the wild keeps me coming back for more day in and day out.

With the one-year birthday of All Things E coming up, I’ve written a few posts about blogging to share over the next month or so that celebrate the fact as a result of showing up here and creating consistently, I’ve never felt more mentally alive and creatively inspired.

My hope is that this post, and the ones that follow, will inspire you to dive head first into chasing that feeling by picking up a new hobby (maybe it’s blogging, maybe it’s not!) or actively introducing something into your life that ignites a fiery pit of passion in your belly.

So if you’ve been thinking about starting a blog (or really, sharing any gift you have with the world), I’m here to tell you that your excuses are not unique and hopefully, to help dispel a few of them. And to affirm with everything I’ve got that YOU. CAN. DO. IT.

Therefore, 5 Affirmations for You To Unleash Your Creativity:

  1. What you think, say and do MATTERS. Whether sharing your thoughts, words and actions sparks a new idea for someone else, brings a smile to their face, or simply makes you feel a little lighter, your unique perspective matters. It adds to the collective dialog of the world and even if it feels small, trivial or unfinished and your mother is the only other person who reads it, IT MATTERS.
  2. Your sphere of influence is COMPLETELY UNIQUE. No two artists, inventors, creators or writers have reached the exact same pool of people ever in the history of the Earth. Think about it: the Bible is the most widely distributed book in history, but there are still people who have not ever touched or read one. People often tell me, “I’m not interesting enough” or “I don’t have anything original to say.” I call BS on that 100% – your experience, and the people you share it with, is 100% unique. No one else can tell the exact same story that you do to the exact same audience.
  3. NOTHING IS AS COMPLICATED as it seems. As humans, we love to over-complicate things. Blogging is simple: You write your thoughts down, you share them with the world through the Internet. Yes, you may feel challenged with setting things up at first. But it is very easy to be a no-frills blogger. All of the extra stuff you read about in posts about blogging (social media! design! etc. etc.) isn’t important. It all comes back to the writing (or if you’re a photographer or designer, creating art). My personal mantra for dealing with overwhelm lately has been, “How can I make this simpler?” When it comes to sharing your thoughts and words through blogging, there are hundreds of ways to simplify.
  4. If something is important, there will always be ways to MAKE TIME FOR IT. Yes, we’re a chronically “busy” society. But we’re also chronically unhappy. Why? Because we spend too much time on things that contribute no positive emotional value to our lives. Doing the things that make you get butterflies in your stomach or feel that adrenaline rush of expression is a worthwhile way to spend your time. And if something matters to you, there are probably 10 ways you can simplify your day to make time for it. “I think I would really love it, but would never have the time to blog (or do xyz that you’ve always wanted to do)” is a lame excuse – if you really want it, you will find the time.
  5. You will never know until you TRY. Experience, more than anything else, is the best teacher. You can sit around your whole life wondering if you could have done something OR you can just try it, evaluate whether it brought you the feelings you were seeking, and decide if it’s something you want to continue doing. There is no harm in trying. Remember when I was training for a half marathon? I thought that was something I wanted SO MUCH. But guess what? I hated running for more than 3 miles. HATED it. Now I can easily remove those running-related goals from my life without guilt because I tried it. I gave it a chance. Also a perk about blogging is that there is no “failing” at it. Nobody is grading you, nobody is evaluating you, nobody has established what it means to be a successful blogger. Therefore, you cannot fail.

What’s keeping you from trying something new?


  • Great post and well written! def some things to think about! http://www.eloquentenglish.me

  • You never know until you try–can I put that on a business card, then start making it rain affirmational biz cards in the middle of every conversation about careers? I’m a big proponent of going for it, asking for what you want, and putting yourself out there and always try to encourage others to do the same.
    Thanks for the giveaway shoutout! I am already antsy to see who wins!

    • Yes, please! Send me a stack of those biz cards! And I’m excited to see who wins your giveaway too! 🙂

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  • Moose studio says:

    I loved how you tried running a marathon and decided you didn’t like it. I spent 3 years studying child development, got my dream job and hated it. Now I am following my passion and am so much happier! It is posts like these that keep me going and motivated. Thank you.

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