A West Elm Adventure

Hi guys!


It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m sitting in my living room gazing at my new accent wall.


It was somewhat of an impulse decision. But man, I am PLEASED.

Star paint crew attacking that accent wall. What can I say? I’m good at delegating.

I spent Saturday night hanging out, eating pizza and painting with Ashley, Alex and Kristen. We had a blast and I could not be happier with how it all turned out.

Ashley went to paint her name on the wall and spelled it wrong. HA.
Ashley went to paint her name on the wall and spelled it wrong. HA.

My little home improvement weekend began with a trip to the brand new West Elm store in the St. Louis Galleria with Alex.

I have been a big fan of West Elm for a looong time but there wasn’t ever one near me, so I’d never actually shopped in one.

I virtually decorated my bathroom almost exclusively with West Elm goodies… then bought lame knock-off versions at Target. Bad move, E, bad move. Notice how there hasn’t been a post with my new bathroom digs? Yeah.

Anywho, back to the topic at hand: West Elm.


You guys. YOU HAVE TO GO. I spent well over an hour just walking around touching everything and admiring how beautifully designed and high quality it all was.


And then, I found what I’ve been looking for.

The desk of my dreams.

You may remember that I once wrote up an entire post dedicated to my dream of a home office. One of the inspiration photos featured a reclaimed wood desk top and I’ve been trolling the web looking for a relatively affordable, high quality lookalike for months.

When I walked into West Elm and discovered the exact desk I’d been dreaming of I HAD TO HAVE IT.

And so I bought it. With the beautiful chair that was paired with it on the display floor.

A few things must be said about the staff at West Elm. They were awesome. Not only did they bend over backward to get the desk to me after they realized they couldn’t ship it to the store, they were so friendly and fun to shop around the store with! I know that I’ll go back there again. SOON…probably to accessorize my new desk.

The desk itself isn’t here yet, but here’s what it looked like in the store:


In the past, I have typically gone the cheap furniture route, which has meant that I don’t actually own that much furniture – most of the stuff in my apartment came from my parent’s house (they’re really nice and generous) or the clearance room at Nebraska Furniture Mart (though I will say, my favorite comfy chair is from there and is greatttt). I’m really glad I invested in this – it’s something I know I’ll have long after I move away from St. Louis and out of this apartment.

Plus, it’s an investment in something I’m really passionate about – becoming a better writer. I just can’t wait to sit at my new desk and blog my little heart out in a week or two!

If you’re curious about what the rest of our apartment looks like, check out a few of these older decorating-related posts:

Hope you have a lovely week! 




  • Diane sevigny says:

    Erika, your apartment looks so comfy and cozy. I like your selection of colors on the wall and your decorating ideas, good job. Love you and miss you.

    • Thank you Grandma!! Love & miss you too! xoxo

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