Love Thy Neighbor(hood)


“I’m moving to St. Louis,” I said, with conviction.

“St. Louis?” They answered, nervously, “Why St. Louis? Must be a really great job. Be careful down there.”

(It wasn’t a great job. And uh, I’ve never felt unsafe here. But thanks?)

If I convince the people that read this blog of one thing, I’ll be happy.

That one thing is this:

St. Louis is the Midwest’s most underrated city, hands down.

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Things About Blogging That Non-Bloggers Have No Idea Are Things

Things About Blogging (That Non-Bloggers Have No Idea Are Things)

You guys.

Bloggers are a rare breed.

They’re weird. They obsess over odd things. They take their excitement for the internet just a bit too far sometimes.

Wait. They? HA. WE. 

I’m right there with ‘em. I care about some really odd (and in the scheme of life, unimportant) stuff. I cause my sister’s eyes to glaze over with boredom when I attempt to talk blogging shop with her regularly. I get oddly excited about tweets from other bloggers. I write full blog posts in my head while showering, exercising and driving.

It’s a sickness. But definitely not one I’m trying to cure anytime soon.

Truth is, there are things about blogging that just aren’t things to non-blogging folk.

I’m here today to bring you non-bloggers into the fold. To give you a glimpse into the minds of those who blog their little hearts out regularly. To shed light on the weird thoughts that occasionally endlessly roll through our brains.

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Confessions of a Change Addict

Confessions of a Change Addict

A lot of people tend to fear change.

Whether it’s the seasons changing, their location changing, or their job changing, they dislike it. Avoid it. Guard against it. Retreat from it.

Starting new is daunting. It’s riddled with unease.

I totally “get” why people fear it. I get why there are LOTS of risk-averse people in this world.

I’m here today to tell you I’m not one of those people.

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On Nerves, A Cool Event & Letting Your Freak Flag Fly

Totes Awes Tote

Happy Monday, homies.

Let’s go ahead and preface this post with the understanding and agreement that the Internet is weird.

Awesome. But also weird.

When I started blogging about 16 months ago, I never really gave any thought to how my “online” life would collide with my “offline” life. I viewed them as very separate for quite some time. I talked about my blog very rarely to people that I socialized with day-to-day and never sought out occasions in which I could “talk shop” or actually MEET (like face-to-face) the people that read my blog.

That was dumb. New bloggers: don’t do that.

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Saturday Web Surfing


Well hello, friends. Long time, no talk. I can’t really be sure where this past week went, but I know for sure I didn’t spend much time hanging around these parts. That shall change next week as I’m spending today (Saturday) cooking up bunches of new stuff. Woot, woot.

Luckily, despite my lack of ability to create new things for the Internet, countless others have done so, and done WELL. So, for your Saturday (or Sunday) morning reading, I present you with Saturday Web Surfing:

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A Crowd-Sourced ‘To Read’ List

SO-MANY-BOOKSHello, my friends.

Ready to nerd out for a hot minute?


So this particular post from January quickly became the most popular post ever published on this blog and continues to bring lots of new visitors to All Things E daily. It also happened to be one of my favorite posts to write. Books get me going in the BEST way possible. I love reading them. Buying them. Discussing them. Looking at them.

I JUST LOVE BOOKS, okay? Okay.

Lots of avid internet-ers and blog readers seem to also love books. One of the best fringe benefits of writing about books on this blog is that people comment back with their recommendations, often with passionate endorsements.

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Saturday Sessions with Something Winnderful

Saturday Sessions

Happy Weekend, y’all. Welcome to the first installment of “Saturday Sessions” on All Things E. A bit of background: Saturday Sessions came about as I sat down to pick my brain in an attempt to come up with an interesting way to start conversations about passion, creativity, love and life with other bloggers through a quick interview on the topic.

The idea with these posts is that you’ll get to know another blogger better while at the same time, have an opportunity to think a bit more on the topics that tend to “light me up.” I’m excited to have Katie from Something Winnderful as the first blogger featured in a Saturday Session. We’ll lead with the interview, but be sure to get to know her and her blog better, below! 

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Thunderstorm Thoughts


Good morning, my dears.

This morning I was jarred awake by a huge, loud thunderclap, followed by my windows screeching and lightning that lit up my whole 13th floor bedroom, punctured with the whaling of the tornado siren.

It was a bit jarring, to tell you the truth. I’d been in that blissful, rain-driven, spring storm sleep that just feels oh-so-good.

As I made my way down the steps in our apartment building to the basement stairwell, I had this overwhelming urge to just write.

To simply write.

To say the words that have been running around in my head these past few weeks as I make long to-do lists that have nothing to do with the actual writing of this blog. To spark some discussion. To reflect on the state of things.

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A Few Thoughts On Twitter & How I Make Work

A Few Thoughts on Twitter |

I started tweeting almost five years ago. Considering the network first came onto the scene about 2008 and I was an addict by 2009, you might consider me an “early adopter.” Here’s my first tweet:


In the early days, I mostly used Twitter to whine.

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March: In Retrospect


Wow. Really cannot believe that I’m already re-capping MARCH. We’re a quarter of the way through 2014 and this year has brought with it a whole lot of good.  This blog has grown into something I’m proud to share and others are interested in reading, I have brought a bunch of new people into my personal life and I’m finally settling into what I’d call the next “season” of life in St. Louis.

I feel a LOT more sure of things that I did at the end of last year and that’s a great feeling.

I tweeted the other morning:

Apologies for the over-use of the word “shit,” Mom. Apologies.

Anyway, I’m feeling very “on the brink” of forward motion in several areas of my life. I’m not sure if it’s the newness that comes with spring or it’s just a whole lot of optimism coursing through my veins. Regardless, I’m excited. And ready to WORK.

So let’s quickly re-cap March, shall we?

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