A Typical Day in My Life


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Well hello, friends.

Today I’m going to copy cat off a bunch of other bloggers by giving you a sneak peak into a “typical” day in the life of Erika. Also known as a play-by-play of what I did yesterday with a few photos.

I always find posts like these interesting as a blog reader because sometimes I just can’t help but wonder what my favorite non-entrepreneur bloggers do all day long. Day jobs, house chores and other mundane adult activities are usually the answer (at least for me), but here’s a post to confirm that, nonetheless.

Buckle up because you know this is going to be riveting. 

I may have consumed a few too many of these Peanut Butter SNICKERS® {post sponsor!} and may be running off of a bit of a sugar high right now, so maybe this will be a little bit entertaining. <– No guarantees though.

Here goes :

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A Book to Consider: Soul Sessions

Soul Sessions

Hello there, happy Sunday!

We’re going to talk about life, death and the state of our souls today.  I thought Sunday would be a good day for that topic.

In my early twenties, I thought a lot about death as I grieved the loss of my sister.

I haven’t really cracked the surface of writing about that grief here, but I know that her life and death have really shaped and changed me in so many ways that I’m not even aware of yet.

In the year after losing her, there was a theme of thinking that I came back to often – what happens to us when we die? Where do our souls or our essence go? Is there any way for the people that are left behind to still “feel” our presence around them?

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Happy Friday


Hey guys –

Just thought I’d pop in here really quick today to wish you a happy Friday. This week has felt kind of whirlwind-y for me. We got back from New York City on Saturday then I pretty much immediately came down with the flu, which knocked me out through Monday and made me stay home from work for another day.

Once Tuesday rolled around I was feeling buried at work so this entire week has been coming home at night with barely any brainpower to spare for any sort of blogging activity.

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Hausfrau Book Review & Giveaway

Hausfrau Book Preview on http://allthingseblog.com

Penguin Random House and 20-Something Bloggers sent me a copy of Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum to preview. This is one of my favorite aspects of blogging – free, super new books to read…

About 40 pages in, I worried that I would need to send it back with a “thanks, but no thanks” note, to be totally honest.

I hated the main character right from the get-go.

But I kept the book. And I continued reading it. And I found that I wanted to discuss this book with literally every woman I came into contact with. And I quickly finished it, despite my distaste for the main character.

…And I’m glad I did.

This review is off to a weird start, is it not?

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My Carry-On Travel Essentials


The travel excitement is setting in! I’m heading off to NYC for a week and absolutely cannot wait. I wrote out a packing list over a week ago and my carry-on has pretty much been ready to go the whole time.

I’m always weirdly fascinated by what people put in their bags for journeys, so I thought I’d give you a quick peak into mine today.

I don’t have any fancy packing trips because if we’re being honest, I don’t travel enough for that… but I have figured out what’s important to me while I’m spending time in one of my most favorite places: the airport.

Yep, you read that right: I love airports.

The hustle and bustle of them energizes me and makes me feel super creative. Some of my best posts for this blog were either dreamed up in an airport or written in an airport.

That means I have three main things I make sure to pack in my carry-on:

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5 Things I Learned from Attempting the Envelope System

5 Lessons I Learned About Money from Attempting the Envelope System - http://allthingseblog.com

Howdy, friends.

I’m always surprised at how one mention of something kind of small-ish that I’m trying will get the attention of the people that read this blog and generate quite a few comments and interest.

Most recently, many of you were interested in my attempt at the Envelope System for budgeting (which I mentioned in my February Goals post), so I thought I’d write a little recap on how that went for me.

Short story: It didn’t really work for me. But I’m super OK with that.

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Recent Reads

Books. Hell Yes.

Hey guys! Happy Monday.

This past weekend was frickin’ awesome. It was this lovely blend of me-time and social time made even more awesome by beautiful sunny weather and the accomplishment of many to-do’s. The art of the rejuvenating weekend has been figured out in my world… and I’m honestly a little bit surprised by what it looks like.

Things that make me happy (cleaning my house, putting money in my savings account, waking up early, burning my favorite candles, drinking beer in well-lit, bustling beer halls…) are a lot different than they were three years ago.

While I can sometimes be really hard on myself about not getting to where I want to be on a lot of the habit changes I have been trying to make over the past few years, weekends like this past one remind me that some of the things I wanted to change two years ago are finally taking root in a very positive way.

I’m growing up and I like it. I like it a lot. Tuning into what I want from life, really accepting the stuff that actually brings me joy and acknowledging it has been really reassuring lately.

Have you taken stock of how far you’ve come lately? Maybe today’s a good day to do so. Be kind to yourself.

Annnyyywayyyy… onto the topic of today’s post: more books! I have a long backlog of books that I read at the end of 2014 and in the first month of 2015 that I wanted to talk about with you guys since you seem to really like the book posts ’round here.

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3 Ways to Make Houseguests Feel Welcome


Last October, my sister and I spent a long weekend in Denver. We saw a concert at Red Rocks, tasted a bunch of beers at breweries in Boulder, laughed with the hipster at Strange Donuts and caught up with one another.

We stayed with one of our friends from high school and her boyfriend. One thing that really stood out to me about the trip was how welcome we felt.

She was an amazing hostess and her hospitality really stood out to me as an inspiration. In the future, I want to make the people that visit me feel as welcome and taken care of as she made us feel while we were staying with her!

So today I wanted to share three simple things that you can do to make your houseguests feel welcome in your home.

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March Goals

March Goals

March is upon us, which means it’s time for a few new goals and things to focus on for the month.

In February, my goals were to move more, stick to the Envelope System for my budget and focus on growing my blog.

How did I do on those? OK. Not bad, not great.

I set the bar pretty low on movement (20 min/day) and found that wasn’t hard to do on most days. The Envelope System worked for the first 11 days of the month, at which time I didn’t withdraw the second batch of cash, for a number of reasons (that I plan to explain in another post sometime this month). As for ‘growing’ my blog… I did a few things, but honestly, the only way I’ve ever really grown this blog has been by putting my all into the content and keeping at it. About half way through the month I decided that was enough for me.

This month I’m heading to New York City for a full week (hooray!) and actually have a pretty full social calendar (weird, winter must be ending).  Therefore, my goals for this month are pretty simple:

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