Tips (& Encouragement) for Beginning Bloggers

Tips and Encouragement for Beginning Bloggers

Hello, hello. Happy Wednesday!

As of late, I’ve been really working on owning the “blogger” part of my life and personality.

I added it to a few bios, brought it up in conversation with new people, and gotten back in the hang of taking photos with the disclaimer, “It’s for my blog!”

It’s a good feeling. Lately I have read a lot of posts along the lines of “I was struggling with my blog for awhile, but I’ve since taken a break (or stepped back or changed topics) and am feeling more confident about what I’m making in my life and sharing on my blog.”

Me, too.

Sometimes I try really hard to get back into my mindset before I was a blogger, when I was just an avid blog reader. What made blogs something I just couldn’t get enough of?

The answer I keep coming back to is connection. Human connection. It’s fun to know that other people struggle (whether it’s with the same things I do or different things). Or that they’ve learned something cool and can teach it to me. Or that they’ve found and shared a bit of beauty when I’m stuck staring at the four walls of my cubicle.

Little glimpses into the lives of others paired with a dialog and a conversation (albeit in a digital sense) has kept me coming back to read blogs for years.

Once you’re “on the other side” of the story and doing the sharing, blogging can get a lot more complex. There are a lot of opinions out there telling you which way is up and which is down, which is wrong and which is right. So naturally, you seek out the advice of people who have been there, done that.

Whenever anyone asks me for advice on blogging, I tend to come back to a handful of truths and encouragement that I would have loved to have heard when I was starting out (about 2 years ago now, whoa).

So if you’re out there, new to the “blogger” side of the equation, this list is for you.

Encouragement + Tips for Beginning Bloggers:

  1. Live a life worth blogging about. Lead an interesting and adventurous life filled with colorful people and you’ll never run out of blog post ideas.
  2. Don’t feel like you have to follow any rules. The beauty of a blog is that you can do whatever you want with it. Take all advice (including this advice) with a grain of salt and DO YOU.
  3. Simple is usually better. In blogging, and in life. Use normal, everyday words. Choose simple images, easy-to-read fonts, complimentary colors. Make your words stand out.
  4. You don’t have to blog every day. Or even multiple times per week. I took a bit of a hiatus this summer and my readers haven’t completely abandoned me. Life happens.
  5. Make ‘Internet friends.’ Connect with other bloggers (I’ve found Twitter and the blog comment section to be best for this). Your real life friends might make fun of you, but it’s whatev.
  6. Good things come with time. Very few (read: no) blogs were awesome from the start. Practice makes perfect. There is no “success” in blogging. Go at your own pace.
  7. Great things happen when you make the first move & talk to other people. I’ve learned that you get what you ASK for in life. Start asking.
  8. Write the blog you want to read. Chances are, someone else is looking for the same type of blog you are. Write it for the both of you.
  9. Everyone just wants to relate. There’s a special magic in “me too.” Don’t shy away from sharing the less-than-perfect parts of your life (remember when I wrote about the obstacles of single life? Or dealing with painful grief? Or how hard it is to make friends? Those are my most popular posts.)
  10. Have FUN. Try new stuff. Get overly excited about seasons. Bring your zest for life to your online space. People like that shit.

This list was pretty closely adapted from a list I put together for my Resources page. You can check that out, right over here.

Tell me in the comments: what’s the best piece of blogging advice you’ve ever gotten?

xoxo -E

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Restorative Weekends

Restorative Weekends in Forest Park

Goood morning, my friends.

Monday has come, once again. Funny how it does that, isn’t it?

I usually dread Mondays. But today, for the first time in a while, I was ready for it.

Work has been super busy this month – crazy in a way that it hasn’t been for quite some time. And to be honest, I’m loving it.

The hustle and bustle of the office is invigorating but exhausting. So this weekend, a restorative weekend was exactly what the doctor ordered.

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I’m Going to Seattle! Things to See

Things to See in Seattle

Hi guys!

This month, I’m embarking on a friend-venture to Seattle with one of my pals from college. Being the travel-loving people that we are, we’ve always talked about taking a trip together, so when cheap-ish plane tickets to Seattle made themselves available, we jumped on it!

We head out for a long weekend (4 days of adventuring) at the end of this month, so I thought I’d share a few of the things we’re thinking about doing and seeing in Seattle and see if any of my lovely readers have any suggestions for things to do… and probably more importantly, PLACES TO EAT. <– There are so many choices, how will we ever decide?! 

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25 Fall Things To Do

25 Fall Things to Do

On Saturday, I woke up, found my favorite black maxi skirt, white t-shirt, simple gray scarf and chambray shirt and headed out the door, bound for Starbucks and epic blogging productivity.

GUESS what I was greeted with when I walked out of my apartment and through my pretty neighborhood?!

The beginnings of fall weather.

It’s drizzling, 70 degrees, and I tell ya, I could SMELL the fall in the air.

There was the distinct aroma of a bonfire from the Friday night before mingling with the fragrance of mature trees that are ready to start shedding their leaves in a beautiful display of fall color, topped off with the deliciously dewey scent of rain.  It was rich.

The aura alone was enough to make me want to spend my morning thinking of nothing but fall. Alas, a Fall Bucket List was born, because I can’ t possibly let my favorite season pass without wearing boots and a scarf to every FALL activity available to me.

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7 Things I’m Grateful for Right Now


Hello, my dears.

This past weekend, I journeyed home for a very low-key weekend. No social obligations, no running around, no tending to anything and honestly, a sum total of about 30 minutes of interaction with the internet and technology.

Boy, was it nice.

I came out of it with a really positive perspective shift. (Breaks really are necessary, aren’t they?!)

Prior to my little retreat into my parent’s wooded lodge of a home, I was pretty angsty and honestly, kind of on edge with a lot of things, mostly in my personal life (oh hey, reference that last blog post I wrote after drinking far too many beers… on a Sunday. Ahem.).

One of the things I managed to do in my downtime while at home was something I am sad to admit hasn’t happened for several months: I jotted down a quick gratitude list in my planner.

Afterward, I was slapped in the face with the reminder that cultivating an attitude (and lifestyle) of gratitude is the fastest way to climb out of that dark, nasty, slump of a place I was in last week.

It feels nice to walk in the sunshine again.

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