3 Simple Ways to Be Happier at Work

3 Simple Ways to Be Happier At Work | All Things E

Work is such a huge part of our lives and the fact of the matter is, most people aren’t that happy at their jobs.

Do we appreciate the paycheck? Absolutely. Of course. Undoubtably.

But do we wake up every morning eagerly anticipating our commute to the drudgery of work? For a lot of people, the answer to that question is “no.”

While I’m pretty content with my job (especially since we’ve been really busy lately), I won’t ever try to tell you that I’m happy with it all the time. I’m simply not. It’s not “my life’s work” or “my dream job.” But it pays the bills and allows me to be happy outside the office, so I try not to complain much.

HOWEVER, I’m a big believer in the fact that you CAN be happy at work, even if you’re not in love with your job or career.

When I sat down at first to write this post, I made a laundry list of small, easy to implement suggestions (i.e. Decorate your desk! Take a break every now and then! Be friendly!).

But when I really looked at it, I realized that happiness in the workplace boils down to three main ideas:

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Investing | All Things E

Hello, hello, hello.

I came here today to discuss a very specific topic, but am going to interrupt with a quick, exciting announcement:

My roommates and I are moving… to a house!

At the end of this month. So like… three weeks from now. Cue excitement & endless to-do lists, amiright?!

I’m basically bouncing around the apartment with jubilation right now. We’ve been searching for houses and scouring Craigslist for the past few weeks and (pending the acceptance of our application) I’m excited to move on from that arduous process and to”be a grown-up” with a house and whatnot.  We’re still renting, but it’ll be the first time I have lived in a house (instead of an apartment building) since living with my parents.

I’m also really quite excited about the bounty of blog posts that will likely be spurred by said house. WOOOO. #getpumped

Now onto the intended purpose of today’s post:

A few thoughts on “investing” – (AKA buying NICE things)

In the past I’ve mentioned my interest in the idea of a moderately minimalist living style – consuming less, buying fewer things, freeing up space, spending money on experiences like travel and learning.

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Say Yes & Be Scrappy



Comin’ to you LIVE from the CWE Starbucks right now. (<– one time I wrote that in a post and someone commented that they thought it was funny so now every time I write + publish in one sitting, I’m going to let you know, partially so that you go a little easier on the rampant typos that tend to accompany my posts when I do this.)

Oofta, life is feeling a bit hectic right now. Wonderful, but hectic.

After an amazing vacation in Seattle (which I fully plan on writing a few posts on… I’m debating some type of “Travel Thursday” series in which I talk about many of my past trips… we’ll see), I came home to some crazy new developments at work that have been really exciting.

I’m not usually one to be like “OMG I WORKED A LOT LAST MONTH,” because I don’t really hold the “workaholic” persona in high esteem, but truth is, work has been occupying my brain (and time) a lot as of late. I have, on occasion, dreamt about campaigns we’re working on. Yeah. I’m that into it. Crazy.

Also in my mind quite a bit has been this lil’ blog o’ mine.

Earlier this summer when I went to Portland I dreamed a lot of big dreams for this space and re-aligned what I wanted it to be about:

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Be in love with your life.

Good morning, my friends.

Just wanted to pop in and say hello really quickly. Work is nuts and I’m running around town like a chicken with my head cut off this week (and for the next two weeks), but I thought I’d dump a few random thoughts onto the Internet and see what’s new in your world.

So let’s catch up, shall we? Currently, I’m…

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Tips (& Encouragement) for Beginning Bloggers

Tips and Encouragement for Beginning Bloggers

Hello, hello. Happy Wednesday!

As of late, I’ve been really working on owning the “blogger” part of my life and personality.

I added it to a few bios, brought it up in conversation with new people, and gotten back in the hang of taking photos with the disclaimer, “It’s for my blog!”

It’s a good feeling. Lately I have read a lot of posts along the lines of “I was struggling with my blog for awhile, but I’ve since taken a break (or stepped back or changed topics) and am feeling more confident about what I’m making in my life and sharing on my blog.”

Me, too.

Sometimes I try really hard to get back into my mindset before I was a blogger, when I was just an avid blog reader. What made blogs something I just couldn’t get enough of?

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Restorative Weekends

Restorative Weekends in Forest Park

Goood morning, my friends.

Monday has come, once again. Funny how it does that, isn’t it?

I usually dread Mondays. But today, for the first time in a while, I was ready for it.

Work has been super busy this month – crazy in a way that it hasn’t been for quite some time. And to be honest, I’m loving it.

The hustle and bustle of the office is invigorating but exhausting. So this weekend, a restorative weekend was exactly what the doctor ordered.

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I’m Going to Seattle! Things to See

Things to See in Seattle

Hi guys!

This month, I’m embarking on a friend-venture to Seattle with one of my pals from college. Being the travel-loving people that we are, we’ve always talked about taking a trip together, so when cheap-ish plane tickets to Seattle made themselves available, we jumped on it!

We head out for a long weekend (4 days of adventuring) at the end of this month, so I thought I’d share a few of the things we’re thinking about doing and seeing in Seattle and see if any of my lovely readers have any suggestions for things to do… and probably more importantly, PLACES TO EAT. <– There are so many choices, how will we ever decide?! 

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25 Fall Things To Do

25 Fall Things to Do

On Saturday, I woke up, found my favorite black maxi skirt, white t-shirt, simple gray scarf and chambray shirt and headed out the door, bound for Starbucks and epic blogging productivity.

GUESS what I was greeted with when I walked out of my apartment and through my pretty neighborhood?!

The beginnings of fall weather.

It’s drizzling, 70 degrees, and I tell ya, I could SMELL the fall in the air.

There was the distinct aroma of a bonfire from the Friday night before mingling with the fragrance of mature trees that are ready to start shedding their leaves in a beautiful display of fall color, topped off with the deliciously dewey scent of rain.  It was rich.

The aura alone was enough to make me want to spend my morning thinking of nothing but fall. Alas, a Fall Bucket List was born, because I can’ t possibly let my favorite season pass without wearing boots and a scarf to every FALL activity available to me.

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7 Things I’m Grateful for Right Now


Hello, my dears.

This past weekend, I journeyed home for a very low-key weekend. No social obligations, no running around, no tending to anything and honestly, a sum total of about 30 minutes of interaction with the internet and technology.

Boy, was it nice.

I came out of it with a really positive perspective shift. (Breaks really are necessary, aren’t they?!)

Prior to my little retreat into my parent’s wooded lodge of a home, I was pretty angsty and honestly, kind of on edge with a lot of things, mostly in my personal life (oh hey, reference that last blog post I wrote after drinking far too many beers… on a Sunday. Ahem.).

One of the things I managed to do in my downtime while at home was something I am sad to admit hasn’t happened for several months: I jotted down a quick gratitude list in my planner.

Afterward, I was slapped in the face with the reminder that cultivating an attitude (and lifestyle) of gratitude is the fastest way to climb out of that dark, nasty, slump of a place I was in last week.

It feels nice to walk in the sunshine again.

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A Not-So Beautiful Mess


Sometimes I feel like I’m literally the only single blogger in all of Blogland.

It is as if every other chick that’s pouring her heart out to the interwebs with some regularity has a Hubs or Hubby in her life, making posts about dating and the whole slew of crap that goes with it relatively non-existent in the Pinterest-perfect world of lifestyle bloggers.

I often think to myself: “Self, there is an opportunity for you to provide a single girl’s perspective here in Blogland. Do so.”

Then I pull back and think, “But Self, you will look pathetic and you will get a lot of pity comments about how you’ll find ‘The One’ soon enough, especially if you stop looking for it and blogging about how hard it is.”

Okay. Thought #2 is correct. BUT. Someday I will look back on this time, read my archives and think to myself, “Wait… weren’t you mostly just lonely and more often than not, spending a ridiculous amount of time agonizing over how to respond to a fucking text message in your early twenties? Why doesn’t your blog ever reflect that?”

Therefore, this post is brought to you today by way too much sunshine (this sunburn is bitchin’), a week of stupid levels of loneliness and about six beers (OOPS).

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