Living In and Capturing Life’s Moments


Dramatic photo of me looking out into the abyss from our hike Saturday. Deep thoughts ahead, deep thoughts.

I wrote my Life List about a year and a half ago. Lately, I’ve renewed my commitment to actually knock things off of it. And blog about them (the original intent of this here blog). Therefore, today we have a very ramble-y post about social media… and a bunch of photos from the last week. Isn’t summer fun!? Yep.

One of the items I included on the list was kind of silly, but at the time, felt like it would be a big deal: Take a full week’s break from Twitter. 

I’ve written about Twitter before and have always been a huge proponent of the social network – I’ve learned a substantial amount about the world simply by following interesting and insightful people on Twitter. Sometimes I wonder how my personality and worldview would be different if I had never gotten into it.

Anyway, earlier this month, I knocked that item off my list. I had one of my friends change my Twitter password and spent a week not tweeting.


Friends with pools on rooftops are good friends to have.

I survived. In fact, it probably helped me curb my addiction ever so slightly. The exercise did, however, cause me to pause and reflect on social media, sharing  and “living in the moment.”

I’m pretty quick to admit to a social media addiction of sorts – I like being connected and knowing what’s going on. I also have this innate desire to share, share, share (hence, the blog) and a weird fear that I’ll forget the things and people that are making life great at any given time. I made scrapbooks in high school (that I LOVE) but since then, social media has been my scrapbook. And I’m mostly a fan of it.

But I’ve always had a weird relationship with Facebook.

I hated it for awhile. Have quit it a few times. Have abused it’s creeping capabilities far too many times. Have developed major FOMO. Have gotten annoyed at things that literally have nothing to do with me. But…


Another one of those 700 sister selfies. Bonus: candid photo of me in a swimsuit on the Internet. Didn’t see that coming, ever.

Going back and looking at old photos on Facebook with friends that I don’t get to see all the time and seeing my Grandma’s comments on stuff that I post are the main reasons I just know I wouldn’t be able to quit Facebook… and why I have actually begun to enjoy it.

Lately, I’ve decided to approach it a bit differently – a bit more like I approach Twitter (where I would say that I am 100% me). More sharing. More celebrating. More remembering.

I’ve been checking in at events, taking a bunch more photos of my friends (which is why this post is jam-packed of faces! WOO!), and in general, sharing the day-to-day aspects of life.


Hikes are even better with coffee in hand.

For awhile there, part of the problem with Facebook was that I was getting really tired of every other post I saw being related to a wedding, engagement, job promotion, pregnancy or otherwise giant event. Those things, though I hate to admit it, made me feel really behind on life. And ungrateful for my day-to-day lifestyle.

Because it’s easy to forget that those things make up 1% of our lives. The rest of the things? They make up the other 99%. And I want to remember (and celebrate) that 99%, too.

ANYWAY. I guess the point of this post is that I have realized that I’m solidly a proponent of living in the moment… but also sharing and celebrating it.

So you can be sure that I’m going to love it if you post an update from your favorite coffee shop, or share a selfie of you and your bestie during a simple day at the pool, loving life.


I dedicate this photo to my love of the Missouri Botanical Gardens. And wine.

Because at the end of the day, regardless of our motivations and how we decide to go about it,

Our lives are meant to be shared.

Whether that’s in person, or online. People make the difference. Take the day-to-day and make it ever slightly more remarkable. Yeahhhh, end ramble.

How have you been feeling about social media lately? Do you think it’s making your life better most days? Let’s chat in the comments.

Loving Yourself As You Are

To Love Yourself

Hey there! Lately, I’ve been workin’ hard on health, attempting to drop a few LBs and feel healthier. It’s not a topic I typically write about in this space, but might start to, eventually, should things continue in a positive direction. Therefore, I wanted to introduce the topic to y’all by re-posting a guest post that I wrote for Alicia’s Love Your Body revolution series. This was written earlier this year, when I was probably rockin’ the highest number I’ve ever seen on the scale in all my 24 years of ups and downs. I was struggling, but I like to think my mindset was good. SO I thought I’d share this particular post for anyone else that might be in a similar spot. Body confidence is a tough topic, but an IMPORTANT one. For more posts like this one, be sure to check out Alicia’s full series.


Often times, there are two places I’d rather be with my body:

In the past…or in the future.

The present? Not so much. The present seems weighed down (literally) with too many extra pounds, a tendency to choose a coffee shop and my laptop over a bustling gym and hand weights, and an “I’ll get to this later” mentality about losing weight and “getting back in shape” (whatever THAT means).

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My Writing Process


I’ve been at this blogging thing for about 18 months now. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it has been an amazingly transformative hobby.

Through writing (and sharing said writing throught his blog), I gain immense amounts of clarity. I work through issues, figure out what matters to me, set intentions and actually THINK about what’s going on in the world around me. It’s lovely.

So when Lisa asked me to participate (after we met in Portland!) and share about my writing process as a part of The Writing Process blog tour, I jumped on the opportunity to disect what I’m doing in these parts and give a bit of insight into the “how” behind All Things E.

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Checkin’ In: May & June In Retrospect

Fair St. Louis

Fair St. Louis at Forest Park was pretty splendid.

They say time flies when you’re having fun.

UH, yeah. Yeah it does. I cannot believe it is JULY  6th today, you guys. Can’t. Comprehend.

We’re almost halfway through the year and we’re officially in the summer season, which means last night I did a quick check-in with my goals that I set in January. Some of them: well on their way. Others: Not so much.

That’s normal, I suppose. Regardless, July means it’s time to re-commit.

The biggest areas I’m focusing on for this month and next are finances and overall mental/physical/emotional health. Conscious spending, healthy foods, 10K steps on my FitBit daily, etc. All things that need you to recommit early and often before they get off track.

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Four Lessons I Learned from My First Foray into Solo Travel


Well helloooo, my dears! I hope you’ve had a positively fantastic week thus far.

As those who have been hanging out with me on Twitter or Facebook may know, I recently traveled to Portland, Oregon for weekend filled with chocolate-covered espresso beans, tarot cards, poetry and lemongrass essential oils.

Oh, and hipsters, coffee shops, IPAs and GREENERY.

So, uh, basically I went to heaven for a weekend? One might say that.

While in Portland, I attended Write Yourself into Motion, a meditation and life coaching retreat that masqueraded as a writing workshop, lead by the lovely Alexandra Franzen.

In addition to being fantastically eye-opening and creativity-inducing, the trip represented my very first foray into solo lady travel.

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