January Gratitudes

January Gratitudes

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The best thing I’ve done for myself so far in 2015 is make journaling and daily gratitude a priority. It has made life feel so, so abundant. Monthly Gratitudes will be a new series on the blog for 2015 and I’m already in love with it.

How do you make gratitude a daily part of your life?

xoxo - E

Getting Touristy in Seattle

Take a ferry to Bainbridge Island + A Dozen More Things to Do in Seattle

Good morning!

I’m so excited for this post to go live. It has been hanging out in my drafts folder, waiting for me to finalize it, for about three months now. Every time I went to do so, I got distracted by all of the memories and started doing research for new, future trips… so it never got finished. *facepalm*

But today is the DAY. I’m finally sharing my September trip to Seattle!

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Playing Favorites: Vol. 2

Playing Favorites - All Things E

Howdy, y’all.

I’m here today to chit-chat about a few of my favorite things in what I’ve decided to make a regular monthly-ish series here on All Things E: Playing Favorites.

A few people mentioned enjoying this style of post in my blog survey and since it’s pretty fun to put it together and write, I’ve decided to give it a go on a semi-regular basis. So let’s do it!

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Hope, Health & Making A Daily Commitment to Both in 2015

Thank you to POM and Millennial Blogs for inviting me to talk about how I’m making a daily commitment to health in 2015 by sponsoring this post.

POM Wonderful #CrazyHealthy Sweepstakes

Yesterday I was writing in my journal and the prompt was something along the lines of “What are you really grateful for? How can you make more of that in your life?”

We all know gratitude rocks and I was feeling lazy so I picked that prompt because I knew it would get me writing. It did.

The first item on my list was “my health.”

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An Idea for Your Weekend: See A Show

See a show this weekend. Eat some cheese tray. Drink some beer.

See a show this weekend. Eat some cheese tray. Drink some beer.

Hey guys, happy Friday! Fridayyyy, woot woot!

I am so happy the end of the week has finally arrived.

I had a kind of slow, dragging, sloth-y week that just didn’t have a whole lot of excitement sprinkled throughout, with the exception of one fantastic evening:

Tuesday. Ashley and I saw Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella on stage at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. And it was absolutely magical.

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Sometimes You Have To Take Your Own Hints


How do you feel about To-Do Lists? Are you a fan?

I was once a HUGE to-do lister. I wrote them everywhere – in random notebooks, on scraps of paper, etc. Sometimes they were huge to-do’s (lose 30 lbs. – HA) and sometimes they were tiny (shut off the oven). But they were everywhere.

Then about two years ago, I listened to Brene Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection and I decided that banning the perfectionist part of my personality from my life was a priority. This was a goal/virtue/idea that I actually upheld.

And in upholding that virtue, my To-Do Listing behaviors went out the window in favor of “doing what feels right.”

This served me very well for about a year. Then sometime last summer, my To-Do List-free life turned into a giant heap of laziness and it was hard to keep sight of my goals.

Therefore, for the past month and a half, I’ve been incorporating two To-Do Lists back into my daily life – one for work, written in a small notebook with tasks joyously crossed off upon completion, and one for the rest of my life (blog, finances, etc.), kept in my Day Designer with items checked off with a flourish.

I’m giving myself the grace to not complete everything (keeping that perfectionist ass-hat of my former personality out of my brainspace) while actually getting a feel for the things that I really enjoy checking off.

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Essential Oils, Important Life Lessons, Cheap Travel & More Friday Internet Finds

How to Use Essential Oils via A Cup of Jo

Hello, hello, hello!

Friday is HERE. And this week definitely did not suck. It was a pretty good one, in fact – lots of new developments, lots of positive, healthy decisions, lots of me-time, moderate levels of stress at work… I’m a happy camper.

I hope you had a great week too. And if not, TGIF. For real.

What better way to end the week than a deep dive into the depths of the black hole that is the Internet, amiright?!

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Coffee and Chit-Chat

Be Kind. It is Always Possible.

Some solid advice for life, wholly unrelated to the rest of this post, but pretty and true.

Gooooood morning.

I really had no clear ideas when I sat down to blog today so I thought that it might be time for one of those random word-vomit-y posts about a million different things.

Let’s start with something important, shall we?

My desk lamp burned out last night. Am I the only person that simply cannot deal with overhead lighting and prefers the lovely glow of lamplight to any sort of overhead light 99% of the time?  Our old apartment didn’t have overhead lighting so we always relied on lamps but now that we have it, I kind of abhor it.

Big problems, I know. Gotta run to the store to replace this faulty bulb, stat.

Luckily the ambiance of my desk isn’t totally off because I’m burning two of my absolute, world-favorite candles. In the past year my love for the flickering, lively light of candles has grown and grown and grown to the point of burning them all the damn time. And wishing I could burn them at my desk at work. Where I really need a lamp.

My favorite set of candles are from the West Elm Rewined collection and even though it’s only 6am as I write this, I’m burning both the Pinot Noir and the Rose (<– that word is supposed to have one of those fancy dashes over the e). 

I love them oh-so-much.

January has gotten off to a really great start in my world. 

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Thoughts on Motherhood & A Small Indiscretion Book Review


I have been thinking about motherhood a lot lately.

(Not because I personally am anywhere near becoming a mother.)

It is just a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately.

I have recently become much more aware of how profound motherhood is in a woman’s life – how completely and utterly path-changing it is, how much heartbreak it can bring and how much it must drastically change a woman’s thoughts and perspectives on the world.

I can only imagine the magnitude of that experience. I totally look forward to the day that I become a mother. It is something that is really high up on my list of “things to do with my life.”

But at the present moment, I find myself at an interesting juncture with regard to motherhood. My friends and classmates have begun starting families and it seems like babies are all over the place.

As these cuties flood my Instagram feed and become a regular topic of conversation among women in my peer group, I find my perception of my own Mom changing and growing into something that it never was before.

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10 Ways to Trick Yourself into Not Hating Winter


Old Man Winter has finally come to stay in St. Louis.

As I write this, I’m wrapped up in a fleece blanket (and sweatshirt, undershirt, scarf and slippers), practically hugging my space heater and burning candles on either side of my laptop to use for frequent pauses to re-warm the tips of my fingers.

I would really like to climb back into bed and stay under the covers until temperatures rise above 30 degrees.

Doesn’t that sound nice? Yes, yes it does.

Alas, much to my chagrin, I must be a functioning human, despite the cold and darkness of winter and all of it’s weariness.

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