Attempting to get my blogging mojo back by pounding out simple, carefree posts that are FUN!

Watching a ridiculous amount of HGTV shows (okay, maybe just a lot of episodes of Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper) and Bachelor in Paradise. Summer TV leaves slim-pickings, people.

Interested in politics, somewhat. After getting cable back, I’ve been watching the news at night and in the morning about twice as often as I used to (which means a few times a week – I used to never). I’m interested. And also having a million opinions I need to think through more thoroughly and then possibly actually share them.

Concealing a lot of stuff I’d like to write about online, but just can’t. Either for personal, professional or legal reasons. It kind of sucks though because it’s juicy stuff that I find fascinating.

Reading Aziz Ansari’s book Modern Romance and Cesar Millan’s book, How to Raise the Perfect Dog. I also just finished The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and my opinion can be summed up as this: not nearly as good as Gone Girl.

Dreaming about going to Colorado and Florida later this year. I love my family and I love vacations and both of these upcoming trips include those two things. Heck. Yes. Now October needs to hustle up and get here.

Obsessed with Kona, obviously. How do new parents get ANYTHING done? Do they stare at their babies all day long and take photos of them sleeping and celebrate the most minor and not-important milestones like this? I’m just in love.

Laughing at the fact that in Kona’s short life, she’s been the subject of more blogger outreach emails that I’d actually like to respond to than pretty much any other topic I’ve covered on this blog. Cute puppies go a LONG way, I guess!

Missing my friend Alex who left St. Louis to head off to graduate school this fall and my old roommates, Kristen and Molly.  It’s a million times easier to hang out and coordinate schedules when you live together.

Planning some new blog posts. No promises on when they’ll be posted or how frequently but the main goal is to overcome my own mental barriers (which center around insecurity, sense of non-purpose and the desire to not offend anyone).

Enjoying new hairspray! I’ve been buying Tresemme for a long time because the Big Sexy Hair stuff I used to like just felt ridiculously expensive. Then I saw it on sale at Sam’s Club and bought a bottle and am amazed at how much more effective this stuff is. Sometimes spending more is SO worthwhile.

Excited about lots of positive, powerful press about women. It seems like everywhere I turn, people are supporting women’s issues and shining the light on where we as a country can do better by women and families.  From Netflix’s new maternity and paternity leave policies (seriously, though – how do we get more companies to think like this?) to this recent essay in Glamour by Mindy Kahling to thoughtful essays about how to support Planned Parenthood without further stigmatizing the women (and men) who use their services. I’m excited about it all.

Anddd finally, jumping up and down  over the fact that it is FRIDAY. Can I get a HELL YEAH on that?!

What’s new in your world? 

xoxo – E

Updates and PUPdates

Hello, hello!

Long time, no blog. Excited to finally be sitting down and recapping a bit of summer time life around here. Lots has happened since I last blogged (almost a month ago)!

I always find it crazily difficult to get back into my blogging groove after a long break so my goal is to start and finish this post in 15 minutes and hit the high notes of life lately.

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In Construction Mode

Hey guys –

Quick update for those of you that may not follow me on Twitter (or didn’t see my tweets): my blog’s security was compromised a bit in the past week.

Basically, hackers are jerks and installed some junk on my server that was not cool.

Therefore, things are looking a bit different around here for awhile. Prior to the attack I had started working with my friend Jenna on a new logo, colors, etc. so we’re taking this as an opportunity to really get to work on a redesign!

Isn’t that new logo and background pretty?! Get pumped to see the rest of it!

Posts may be spotty for a bit here while I try to figure out setting everything up again. And functionality that used to exist might… not.

Reinvention is good, right? Right.

At the end of the day, it’s just a blog. But almost losing everything I’ve created over the past three years definitely reaffirmed that I like doing this. And that I’m not going to stop any time soon.

Thanks for hanging with me!

xoxo, -E

A Girls Weekend + The Perils of “Moving Mode”

Hellooooo my frandsss.

I’m back. Back in action. Back from an unplanned little blogging hiatus during which a few fun things happened. And a few not-so-fun-but-necessary things happened (AKA a bunch of boring adult stuff that I don’t even want to start talking about because I’d probably never stop).

In the time that I’ve been AWOL on the blog, “Summer” supposedly arrived in St. Louis.

I’d like a refund on this season because my excitement for it going in was quickly drowned out by rain and hot, humid days that have been nothing like last year’s mild, enjoyable climate. #rude

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Love Your Curls


When I was two years old, I had a TOTAL ‘fro.

Dark curly locks for days. DAYS. It was gorgeous.

Looking back on those photos (which I cannot seem to find anywhere on my computer…), I always smile.

I love having curly hair. Even if now as an adult, when it’s much more wavy than it is curly and more often than not, it doesn’t do exactly what I want it to do.

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True Life: I Could Really Use A Vacation


We’re 2 days away from August and it still feels like April to me.

So here’a post where I level with you guys:

This summer has been kind of a bust so far from a social and fun standpoint. 

It’s been pretty much just a bunch of adulting – from the whole housing debacle (which I know, has gone on forever and ever but just started feeling taken care of this week) to stress at work to a stressful blog hacking that I still haven’t recovered from, to jury duty (new thing I’m doing this week, YAY. :-|), this just hasn’t been the summer I was expecting.

The summer I was expecting was much more fun and exciting. Vacation-like, if you will.


At the beginning of the summer (pre-house stuff), I was invited to share a fun beach-y story with you guys and feature a delicious new alcoholic beverage, Palm Breeze.

It’s safe to say the party that I had planned in my head for our old house didn’t happen once it went on the market.

And this house? Not yet ready for visitors. 

Therefore, the party I’ve been dreaming of hasn’t even happened yet!

But. I did take a few photos as I sipped on Palm Breeze and dreamed about the vacation I could be on instead of doing all of the adulting that has ruled my summer.


Palm Breeze is a sparkling alcohol spritz that comes in two tropical flavors, Ruby Red Citrus and Pineapple Orange, and is such a nice alternative to beer for casual drinking.

It’s a flavored malt beverage (FMB), which means that is essentially an alcoholic drink with a malt base, much like beer.

It’s a new product this spring and honestly, it is super refreshing. I’ve been cracking one open as I grill after work and try to get my head on straight more often than you’d think!


The folks at Palm Breeze are exclusively targeting women with this drink  (but for real, dudes will probably love it too!). 

They made the drink for women that are spontaneous, carefree, confident, social and stylish (all things I aspire to be and possibly have been at some point) and that love to spend their time hanging with their girlfriends, traveling, enjoying outdoor activities and soaking up the sun.

AKA: moi, in a less stressful summer.

I found these babies in the liquor section at my local Schnuck’s but they’re sold in most big retailers and liquor stores.

If you’re having a slow summer like me, crack one open and pretend. I swear, it works (at least until the drink is gone)!

Have you tried Palm Breeze? 

xoxox – E

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

New Thoughts On Sharing Stuff Online

I’ve been in a weird mood about sharing lately. Particularly online.

While I used to be super open and feel good telling pretty much everyone my thoughts on any given day, that openness seems to be coming to an end.

I’m not particularly sure what caused this shift, but at some point this year, I stopped wanting to dig deep and really share my heart on my blog.

I still love blogging and don’t plan on quitting, but it seems my sharing mindset has changed just a bit.

My blogging attitude has shifted to include an acceptance of slightly fewer posts (though if we’re being honest, I would LOVE to be a daily blogger, it’s just not in the cards right now… or probably ever), a willingness to post more sponsored content (because, ahem, getting paid to do something I love sure is nice), and a whole lot less time spent blabbering about my every thought on Twitter (let’s be real, nobody actually cared about most of it).

It has been refreshing.

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One Small Thing

How to Start Your Day off RIGHT

Hey guys! Happy Monday.

I had a crazy, very eventful weekend that I cannot wait to share more about. In the future. Once I’ve processed it all myself. It doesn’t seem real yet.

In the meantime, I just wanted to pop in here on this super dreary Monday morning to say hello to June (!) and direct you to a post I wrote for a good friend of mine as a part of her One Small Thing series.

In the series, Alicia is gathering ideas for small habits that can lead to big changes in our lives. I LOVE the idea of this series (heck, I once wrote a post about a similar idea – read that one here) and was super excited to participate.

So click on over to Jaybird to learn about the one small thing I do to clear my mind, rev my productivity engine and start my day off right.


xoxo – E

Life Lately [+ A Fun Local Giveaway]

We Heart STL Cocktails

Hey guys –

It feels like approximately 10 years since I really sat down to blog so HELLO! I’ve missed spending time on this little corner of fun on the Internet.

My life lately has consisted primarily of hanging out with family cell phone-free and thinking about my living situation. Sadly, it’s looking like we’ll be moving out of the house we thought we’d be renting for awhile this summer. Instead of seeking another lease elsewhere, it’s looking like I’ll be .

So THAT is nuts.

It’s a crazy time. But a good time.

Anywho, I’m popping in today to share some really cool photos and a fun recipe from an event I went to last week in anticipation of a much bigger, cooler event coming up this Friday in St. Louis: the #WeHeartSTL party.

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How to Pack A No-Fuss Picnic Basket

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CokeHappyHour #CollectiveBias
Missouri Botanical Garden's Whitaker Festival - How to Pack a Fun, No-Fuss Picnic Basket w/ Coca-Cola at Walgreens!
Heaven on Earth: The Missouri Botanical Garden

Summer has arrived here in St. Louis.

‘Tis the very best season with all of the very best things to do. I am pumped about it.

At the top of my list of favorite summer things to do here in the Lou is the Whitaker Music Festival at my favorite place, The Missouri Botanical Garden.

Each Wednesday night, beginning next week on the 27th, the Missouri Botanical Garden hosts hundreds of St. Louisans for live music and picnics on their picturesque grounds.

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