A Not-So Beautiful Mess


Sometimes I feel like I’m literally the only single blogger in all of Blogland.

It is as if every other chick that’s pouring her heart out to the interwebs with some regularity has a Hubs or Hubby in her life, making posts about dating and the whole slew of crap that goes with it relatively non-existent in the Pinterest-perfect world of lifestyle bloggers.

I often think to myself: “Self, there is an opportunity for you to provide a single girl’s perspective here in Blogland. Do so.”

Then I pull back and think, “But Self, you will look pathetic and you will get a lot of pity comments about how you’ll find ‘The One’ soon enough, especially if you stop looking for it and blogging about how hard it is.”

Okay. Thought #2 is correct. BUT. Someday I will look back on this time, read my archives and think to myself, “Wait… weren’t you mostly just lonely and more often than not, spending a ridiculous amount of time agonizing over how to respond to a fucking text message in your early twenties? Why doesn’t your blog ever reflect that?”

Therefore, this post is brought to you today by way too much sunshine (this sunburn is bitchin’), a week of stupid levels of loneliness and about six beers (OOPS).

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A Helpful “Secret” for Job Hunting

It's Not About You.

Applying for jobs is stressful.

You agonize over tiny details, ride the roller coaster of hope and rejection, find yourself legitimately concerned that your voice “sounds weird” on the phone and overall, turn into a ball of nerves.

Am I good enough? Am I what they’re looking for? Is this job actually as great as it seems on paper?

(Answers: Yes, maybe and probably not… if you were wondering.)

The humbling, tiresome circus of applying for jobs after graduation or as a working professional is something that we all experience, usually several times in our adult life. After settling in and finding a job that I actually like (though, I have to say: I had a job from hell beforehand—it was character-building), at the beginning of this year I found myself in an entirely new position in the hiring process: as the one doing the actual hiring.


I’ll say this first: being on this side of the equation was not at all what I expected. Companies hire when the amount of work is greater than the amount of manpower. Because I work for a small company, the extra work plus the work of finding a suitable candidate to join our team meant late nights and very busy days.

And a LOT of pressure to find someone that would be able to step in, learn fast and contribute right away.

Luckily, we found that person. It took a couple of months, but it’s in the past and I’m on my way to figuring out how to manage (also, very weird).

I learned a LOT about the hiring process from the other side of the table and the experience made me reflect on how I’ll go about applying and interviewing for jobs in the future, so I’m excited to be sharing my insights with you to hopefully make the job-hunting process a bit less scary and anxiety-ridden.

First, the biggest takeaway from the experience:

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Whiskey & Lady Dates


Sometimes, an evening comes together like a perfectly concocted cocktail.

The ingredients:

  • A relaxed atmosphere
  • Friendly waitstaff
  • Concise and delicious menu
  • Interesting, outgoing strangers
  • Lovely weather, and
  • Fantastic people

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Current Reads (+ Lots of Links)


The other day Ashley and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Target.

I walked out with $60 worth of stuff.  Pretty sure we went there for spinach or some similar $5.00 item.

We all know how Target works though, right?

Anyway, while there, we meandered our way through the book section. Ahhhhh, delight. My favorite section of most any shopping center. I immediately thought to myself:

“Self, it’s been a LONG time since you blogged about books. Too long, in fact.”

And onto my to-do list went this post. (And yes, if you were wondering, I do, in fact, refer to myself as “Self” in my head sometimes.)

So, a quick confession: I have not read NEARLY as many books at this point this year as I had at this point last year. In fact, I’ve read a surprisingly small amount. It’s making me kind of sad. None of the books I have read at this point have really done much for me, either (seriously, what a bummer, right?).

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“Back to School” Goals


Howdy, y’all.

I realize that the 12th day of a month is a weird time to pop in and start spouting off about my goals and plans and whatnot, but you know what season we’re on the brink of here in the US?


Historically, this time of year has been one of my favorites. I was that kid that was like, “School supply shopping?! It’s like CHRISTMAS.” I eagerly anticipated the start of school throughout my entire educational career.

As a single, childless “grown-up,” mid-August means literally nothing to me. It is the same as any other normal time of year, except perhaps my favorite pens will go on-sale at Target soon and I’ll get to swoop in and buy a new set (The Pilot G2 is not a cheap pen, you guys. Gotta get ‘em on sale).

However, I’ve been alluding in the past few posts how I’d like to feel a bit more “together” in all aspects of my life. Lighten up on the socializing and get back into the blogging and in general, doing what it takes to stay more focused on my goals.

So I’m setting some Back to School Goals for, well, the School of Life. Which is the only one I’m attending right now.

Ahem, so here are my three goals that I’m working on for this season. I’m sharing them with y’all for accountability’s sake, and to hear any life hacks or tricks you have for stickin’ to ‘em.

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