Confessions of a Change Addict

Confessions of a Change Addict

A lot of people tend to fear change.

Whether it’s the seasons changing, their location changing, or their job changing, they dislike it. Avoid it. Guard against it. Retreat from it.

Starting new is daunting. It’s riddled with unease.

I totally “get” why people fear it. I get why there are LOTS of risk-averse people in this world.

I’m here today to tell you I’m not one of those people.

Change excites me. Sometimes too much.

Lately, I’ve been itching for change. I’ve been looking for ways to switch up what happening in this space. What’s happening in my 8-5 space. What’s happening in my living space. What’s happening in my closet space. And in my makeup bag. And in my diet. And in LITERALLY EVERY PART OF MY LIFE.

At first, I thought to myself, “Why Erika, wanting to change everything is good! Most people fear change! But you, you delicate flower, you seek it out. You’re miles ahead of the competition. Get that credit card out and make things change! Quit your job. Start a crazy business. Book a one-way plane ticket. Chop off all your hair. Grow you crazy flower! GROW.” 

Then I took a bit of a step back.

And I realized:

Being a change addict can actually be a form of avoidance.

It’s leaving before the party’s over because there’s a lull in the action. It’s abandoning the project before it has a chance to fail. It’s jumping at the first chance you have to avoid discomfort.

Alicia shared this article the other day, in which David, the author of Raptitude (one of my new favorite blogs), talks about how as a society, we’ve become addicted to avoiding discomfort.

For every situation in which we feel slightly uncomfortable, there’s a distraction at hand. There’s a way out. There’s something to look at instead. There’s a text to attend to. A Twitter stream to refresh. A hit of caffeine or a puff of a cigarette to ease our anxiety.

I’m fairly certain though that digging in, sitting with and then pushing through the discomfort, while figuring out how to continue growing through these weird periods of perceived “stagnation” is where long-term progress and growth can really be made.

Jumping ship, seeking out the next cheap thrill or thrusting yourself into something new to avoid that discomfort of progress?

I’d say that’s probably not the kind of change that everyone is encouraging me (or you) to “embrace.”

Before the chorus of “chase your dreams” and “make the changes you need to make” start to flood the comments section of this post, let me reassure you:

I’m figuring it out. Sitting with my discomfort. Figuring out what needs to be sent out of my life and what I can change for healthy growth. I tend to go through periods of muddied confusion, followed by periods of electric clarity. Right now, I’m in the mud. Gimme two weeks. I’ll be in the clear (I hope).

In fact, this is something I come back to often as one of the most jarring parts of adulthood, compared to student life:

There’s no “logical next step.” No “next semester.”

No “graduation date” for life.

So digging in looks different. And deciding when to seek change is something you actually have to think about – not something that just happens because it’s May or December.

I’m slowly figuring it out. And striving, always, for balance (though I’m fairly certain ‘balance’ ebbs and flows with the hour as well).

Isn’t life an exciting adventure?

I sure think it is.

What do you think about change? Have you had to learn how to sit with the discomfort of  ’perceived stagnation’? Are you a change addict? 

P.S. Guess how I decided to deal with my thirst for change? NEW HAIR COLOR. It’s on. Happening today. Look for a selfie later?!

P.P.S. After scheduling this post, my fave guru Nicole wrote something similar about this topic. Have a look if you’re interested: Effort Is Not Pain.

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Let’s go ahead and preface this post with the understanding and agreement that the Internet is weird.

Awesome. But also weird.

When I started blogging about 16 months ago, I never really gave any thought to how my “online” life would collide with my “offline” life. I viewed them as very separate for quite some time. I talked about my blog very rarely to people that I socialized with day-to-day and never sought out occasions in which I could “talk shop” or actually MEET (like face-to-face) the people that read my blog.

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I JUST LOVE BOOKS, okay? Okay.

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Saturday Sessions

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Good morning, my dears.

This morning I was jarred awake by a huge, loud thunderclap, followed by my windows screeching and lightning that lit up my whole 13th floor bedroom, punctured with the whaling of the tornado siren.

It was a bit jarring, to tell you the truth. I’d been in that blissful, rain-driven, spring storm sleep that just feels oh-so-good.

As I made my way down the steps in our apartment building to the basement stairwell, I had this overwhelming urge to just write.

To simply write.

To say the words that have been running around in my head these past few weeks as I make long to-do lists that have nothing to do with the actual writing of this blog. To spark some discussion. To reflect on the state of things.

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A Few Thoughts On Twitter & How I Make Work

A Few Thoughts on Twitter |

I started tweeting almost five years ago. Considering the network first came onto the scene about 2008 and I was an addict by 2009, you might consider me an “early adopter.” Here’s my first tweet:


In the early days, I mostly used Twitter to whine.

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March: In Retrospect


Wow. Really cannot believe that I’m already re-capping MARCH. We’re a quarter of the way through 2014 and this year has brought with it a whole lot of good.  This blog has grown into something I’m proud to share and others are interested in reading, I have brought a bunch of new people into my personal life and I’m finally settling into what I’d call the next “season” of life in St. Louis.

I feel a LOT more sure of things that I did at the end of last year and that’s a great feeling.

I tweeted the other morning:

Apologies for the over-use of the word “shit,” Mom. Apologies.

Anyway, I’m feeling very “on the brink” of forward motion in several areas of my life. I’m not sure if it’s the newness that comes with spring or it’s just a whole lot of optimism coursing through my veins. Regardless, I’m excited. And ready to WORK.

So let’s quickly re-cap March, shall we?

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Wander MoreGreetings, friends.

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The Curse of Comparison

Your only task in this world is to be you.

Good morning, loves. Today, I have a special treat for you. My friend Allie from Between Dreams has written a wonderful post on the curse of comparison. She’s one of my favorite go-to’s for what I would call “soul-hugging” inspiration. Enjoy her post, and be sure to check out her blog

In the throes of comparison, the weight of the world rests heavily on your shoulders. It’s depleting. Exhausting. Draining every bit of energy from your body. You desperately reach out hoping to clutch onto one small grain of inspiration that will shift you back on track. You’re searching for the answers, sizing up the competition, and your focus is everywhere but on you. You fill your lungs, taking a deep, skeptical inhale. You’re on shaky ground and struggling to keep up in someone else’s path.

There’s a voice on repeat in your mind and it’s saying, “I’m not good enough.”, “I should be fitter/ healthier/ better/ happier/ more committed.”, “I’ll never be as good as ___________.” and even a doubtful, “No way, I could never do that.”

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