Examine What You Tolerate

examine-what-you-tolerateThe little coffee shop down the street from my office occasionally has these neat coffee sleeves that often inspire thoughts and ideas.

My most recent thought-provoking coffee sleeve had this quote on it:

Examine what you tolerate.

My first thoughts jumped right to political things. Gay marriage, women’s rights, health care, the economy, capital punishment, etc. And I thought, what do we, collectively, as a nation, tolerate? And why?

THEN, after that proved to be almost too overwhelming to think about, I corralled my thoughts and channeled my tunnel vision more: What do I tolerate? 

Which behaviors do I allow in my life? Why? How do they mirror my values and help me accomplish my goals? What kind of treatment do I tolerate from others?

It’s an interesting exercise. Thinking about things in terms of what you tolerate, rather than what you simply accept and let be. 

I thought it was worth thinking about. Maybe you will too.

Therefore, the question: What do you tolerate in your daily life, and do you think you should tolerate less? 


  • Bill says:

    Erika, you didn’t tell us what you tolerate. Come on girl, you can’t leave us hangin and only tell us how interesting it was to think about and explore the things you tolerate. For example, I tolerate people walking behind me as we are approaching a door and they almost kill themselves to run ahead of me and open the door for me because they want to be nice. “Thanks”, I say. What I am thinking though is, “where the hell are you the other fifty thousand times I go through the door, but you are not there to run up and hold it open for me?” Or the person that sees me putting my chair into my car who quickly runs up and shoves the chair in for me. Again I say “thanks”, while I’m cussing them out under my breath because as they shoved my chair into the car, they jammed it into my finger, which now has a cut on it and hurts like hell. THANKS!!
    My advice, if you are walking through a door ahead of a wheelchair or any person, hold it. If you are behind the person, let them get it or grab it from behind, but don’t make a fool of yourself running ahead just to open the door. Also, ask if someone needs help and don’t just assume they do.
    Hope all is well in St. Louis. Looks like there are plenty of cool things to do, so we will be planning a trip there to visit you guys. Say hi to Ash and take care!!

    • Hahah you’re right, I did leave you hanging! Eh the idea was to make you think about it with being clouded by what I tolerate/don’t tolerate. This comment sparked an idea for a future post. I’m going to email you about it! (but really – I’m still planning on emailing you about a trip to MN, just waiting on Ashley’s school schedule so that I know dates – November probably though!). AND YEAH, visit me!

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